Data Sort Codes

Data Evaluation

  • ADDGAM - add gammas to the adopted level dataset
  • ALPHAD - calculates alpha-decay half-lives and hindrance factors
  • BRICC - calculates electron conversion coefficients, electron-positron pair conversion coefficients and the E0 electronic factors
  • DELTA - analyzes angular correlations and conversion coefficients data
  • ENSDAT - generates PS file from an ENS file
  • ENSDF Manuals
  • FMTCHK - checks an ENS file for errors
  • GABS - calculates absolute gamma-ray intensities, decay-scheme normalization factors and branching ratios
  • GTOL - calculates level energies from a least-squares fit to gamma-ray energies and the net feeding to the levels
  • LOGFT - calculates the comparative half-lives for beta decay and electron capture
  • PANDORA - program for cross-check of radiation and level properties, cross-references
  • RADLIST - calculates energies, intensities, of the atomic and nuclear radiations associated with a radioactive decay and checks the intensity balance
  • RULER - calculates reduced transition probabilities