Novel Detectors for Gamma-Ray Astronomy (NDeGRA)
Atomic Physics

Coordinator: S.Lalkovski
Funding Agency: Bulgarian National Science Fund
Period: 2018-2020

Abstract: The project is focused on R&D of a position sensitive detecor that can be used in gamma-telescopes' "focal plane". The prototype will be based on scintillation technologies and high-gain light sensors. Materials and light sensors are being researched in order to achieve a good compromize between position sensitivity and detector efficiency.

The team: The project team consists of eight scientists and young researchers from the departments of Astronomy, Atomic physics, and Nuclear Engineering. These are D.Ivanova, G.Vankova-Kirilova, S.Ivanov, V.Kozhuharov, S.Lalkovski, Zh.Toneva, M.Vazharova, V.Bozhilov, out of wich two PhD and two undergraduate students eager to built and test the detector and ... to write their diploma theses.

The work is organized in four workpackages.
WP1: Detector Disign
WP2: Detector Prototyping and Tests
WP3: Electronics and Data Aquisition
WP4: Project Management


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