Atomic Physics
  • In 2019, we joined the SANDA project that aims to deliver libraries of high-accuracy nuclear data for energy and non-energy applications. This is also the first EC-funded project that suports european members of the NSDD network with dedicated effort in the ENSDF evaluations.

  • We proudly took part in the organization, drafting and submission of the Bulgarian National Space Research programme that was submitted to the Ministry of Education on the 1st of April 2019. Fifty researchers from the main Bulgarian universities and academy of science have contributed to this programme proposal. The document covers wide range of fundamental scintific tasks, applied space research and space education.

  • e-ASTROGAM White book was published in 2018. The project aims at R&D of a space-borne telescope capable of observing the Universe in the MeV-GeV energy range.

    We have joined the e-ASTROGAM collaboration earier in 2017.
  • In December 2017, the NDeGRA Project had started. It aims at Research and development of a position sensitive scintillator detector, based on monolythic scintillator and position-sensitive photosensor, that can be used for energy, time and position measurements. Our ultimate goal is to construct a detector that can be used in space-brone gamma telescopes.

  • On 22 to 26 May 2017, the 22nd Technical Meeting of the Nuclear Structure and Decay Data network was held at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (California, USA). During that meeting, the Department of Nuclear Engineering (Univ.Sofia) was elected to join the Nuclear Data Centre network. We are now members of the family of 18 data centres established all over the world and coordinated by IAEA (Vienna) and the Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA.