Sofia Nuclear Data Centre

We are involved in the international effort to build and maintain a database, comprising data for every nucleus and every state ever produced. Most of the information concerns nuclear level energies, half-lives, magnetic and quadrupole moments, transition energies, relative intesnities and branching ratios.

Nuclear Data project has started during the WWII under the Manhatan Project and was led by the US till the 70s. Since then the nuclear data evaluation effort is managed and coordinated by the IAEA and the Brookhaven National laboratory.

In 2017, Sofia has joined the network of 18 data centres worldwide. The role of our center within the Nuclear Structure and Decay Data (NSDD) network is to gather, compile and evaluate nuclear data on nuclei from the A=106-108, 111, and 112 mass chains. Where needed, experiments are also carried out to complete the data sets.

Presently, the centre is involved in mass chain evaluations for the Nuclear Structure and Decay Data network, and for the SANDA project that have effectively started on 1st of September 2019. Within SANDA, we deliver accurate nuclear structure data for nuclei of medical interest as well as evaluated data for the NSDD community. List of related publications is applied below.

Related publications

  • Nuclear Data Sheets A161 (2019) 1 Nuclear Data Sheets for A = 105 S.Lalkovski, J.Timar, Z.Elekes
  • Nuclear Data Sheets A124 (2015) 157 Nuclear Data Sheets for A = 112 S.Lalkovski and F.G.Kondev
  • Nuclear Data Sheets A112 (2011) 707 Nuclear Data Sheets for A = 207 F.G.Kondev and S.Lalkovski
  • Nuclear Data Sheets A108 (2007) 1471 Nuclear Data Sheets for A=200 F.G.Kondev and S.Lalkovski