Lecturer: Stefan Lalkovski


This course is designed for undergraduate students in physics in their first year, and represents an introduction to the theory of probability and statistics. It covers topics from basic combinatorics, random events and variables, probability distributions and properties, measurement errors, and hypothesis tests.

The course is built on the knowledge aquired in Calculus I course.

Atomic Physics


The aim of the course is to introduce the students to the consepts of probability and statistics for the needs of the subsequent courses in experimental and theoretical physics tought in the Sofia University. The students are expected to become practioneers in the field, to be able to analyse their own data, to critically read research documents, and to understand the statisitcs presented there.

Further study

Further to this course, in the following years the students will follow courses on Numerical and Computational Methods in Physics, Quantum mechanics, Atomic and Nuclear Physics, Statistical Physics, and a number of Lab works, among others. All those courses will use to a certain degree various concepts introduced in the present course.

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