On-going projects

Novel Detectors for Gamma-Ray Astronomy (NDeGRA)
Spokesperson: S.Lalkovski
Funding Agency: Bulgarian National Science Fund
Period: 2018-2020
Abstract: The project is focused on R&D of a position sensitive detecor that can be used in gamma-telescopes' "focal plane". The prototype will be based on scintillation technologies and high-gain light sensors. Matterials and light sensors are being researched in order to achieve a good compromize between position sensitivity and detector efficiency.
Energy of isomeric and of short-living nuclear excitations: effects of deformation on the structure and stability of atomic nuclei
Spokesperson: N.Minkov (INRNE)
Funding Agency: Bulgarian National Science Fund
Period: 2015-2017
Abstract: This project is focused on nuclear structure research. The effects of the particle-core interaction, shape evolution and shape co-existence.
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